Achieving Sales Results Faster

It is a challenge to hire good salespeople or identify candidates with high potential. Once hired, training those new salespeople to be successful remains an effort and often difficult to get salespeople to practice and hone or align their skills. Once a salesperson begins to increase selling activity and see some success it becomes even harder for them to take time and work on perfecting the sales conversation and new techniques.

This trend lends itself to teams reaching talent plateaus and complacency in related sales outcomes. Traditionally, sales coaching programs require a salesperson to take time away from their selling activity to immerse themselves in training content, classes, messaging, or updated techniques and they need to review and role play these methods with another coworker, pulling yet another salesperson off from their core tasks and sales responsibilities.

Do these sales plateaus and significant time spent on speed to mastery make it difficult to achieve your inside sales revenue goals? SymTrain’s web-based immersive technology platform allows sellers to leverage short microbursts of personalized and situational training reinforcement without having to carve out any more than ten autonomous minutes a day, within their own workspace without having to rely on any additional resources to apply and internalize knowledge and execution.

SymTrain enables sellers to master any selling situation by knowing they know how to respond all within a safe learning environment while improving speed to proficiency.

Ordinary methods to practice are one directional and overlook delivery, objection handling, conflict resolution, and requires sellers to learn on-the-fly. In contrast SymTrain’s conversational AI with branching technology allows a user to start a practice session and end the conversation with an array of different conclusions.

Sellers, trainers, coaches, and sales leadership receive instant validation of their staff’s ability to convey the value prompt consistently and effectively while also understanding how their sales message is perceived by the customer by measuring the sentiment, enthusiasm, and tone of a seller’s voice. Challenging modules can easily be created by team leaders with very little technical skills in SymTrain’s NO CODE environment.

When you are ready to create a sales culture of continuous improvement and scale sales coaching while reducing burden on existing resources saving the company time and money, it is time to turn to SymTrain to achieve optimal performance.

This practice costs both the company and the associate greatly as they will have to spend many hours over the first few weeks with the new hire, hours that ordinarily would be allocated to growing and nurturing their relationships with clients and generating revenue for the organization, thus making top performers less productive. As well observation is not an adequate substitute for experiencing simulations of real situation.

If too much time is spent focusing on practice, then valuable bits of information, such as workflow, office culture, and record keeping, might be overlooked leading to new hires developing bad habits. The SymTrain platform allows individuals that learn at different speeds to experience an array of situations repeatedly without costing the company significant value-creating assets.

 SymTrain utilizes branching simulations to replicate any interaction with a client, prospect, or anyone else communication may arise with in a controlled environment. Instructors leading the new-hire training program can assign simulation modules that can mimic conversation, starting at the same point every time but ending at an array of conclusions.

 The platform yields a transcribed account of each use plus a validation of whether the conversation was on topic and the new hire delivered a client experience that aligns with the company’s culture and strategy.

 By marking the keyword usage in each conversation, a manager can tell how well the new hire can keep to the task at hand. The measurement of tone allows the manager to see if the new-hire’s mood, enthusiasm, and positivity giving them a good sense of how they will be perceived by someone they communicate with.

 This usage will eliminate the need for the instructor to fear whether the new hire was properly trained before they enter the line-of-fire. Our goal is to have all new hires attain the knowledge and ability to achieve peak performance in any role.