5 Ways Symtraining Aligns with the Kirkpatrick Model

Although it was first developed in the 1950s, Donald Kirkpatrick’s Model to evaluate the effectiveness of training and learning programs remains one of the most commonly used standards today. Most experts will agree that it offers the most complete assessment of training’s impact on individual performance.  By evaluating the learning program on four different levels, …

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Symtrain CEO Insights Ep. 2 Intelligent Coaching

Imagine a world where your best agent’s customer interactions are converted into a library of role-plays that can be practiced by all of your new hires and existing staff to upskill and build confidence. Welcome to Symtraining!

How AI Coaching Programs Will Change the Contact Center Environment

Every year, we achieve new innovations and advance technology far beyond what previous generations could have imagined. While these groundbreaking advancements have affected every aspect of daily life, they also have unlimited applications that will allow us to become more efficient in the way we train our employees and improve the overall customer experience. Although …

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Remote Onboarding not On-Boring

Symtrain CEO Insights Ep.1 If you want to make your remote onboarding process less boring, try symtrain’s approach to automated role-plays that provides an interactive, immersive learning experience to keep your employees engaged throughout training.

How Training Facilitators Develop Your CX Superheroes

Your training facilitators have one of the most important jobs within your organization. Since they possess the skills necessary to create an excellent customer experience, they have been entrusted to pass their knowledge on to others. However, human learning is an imperfect process.

Turn Your Frontline Agents into Customer Experience Superheroes

Onboarding agents remotely is proving to be more difficult than in-person training. As a result,
agents are less prepared, and companies have higher rates of attrition. New hires get less facetime with trainers and find it harder to ask questions or seek one-on-one help when they don’t share the same physical space.

Symtraining to the Rescue During the Great Resignation banner image

Symtraining to the Rescue During the Great Resignation

It’s impossible to ignore the connection between your employees’ well-being and their motivation to make an impact within the company. There is no doubt that when your employees thrive, you thrive. So, why are so many people “quiet quitting” or leaving their positions altogether? Is it really that people don’t want to work?

The Impact of Individualized Practice banner image

The Impact of Individualized Practice

What Is Individualized Practice? Individualized practice refers to customized plans for self-paced learning. Sometimes it incorporates human-to-human coaching. However, it usually works along a virtual training curriculum to support trainers and reinforce content outside the classroom. Since it is impossible for trainers to give their full attention to every agent who is in need of …

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The Training Dilemma of Work at Home Employees banner image

The Training Dilemma of [email protected] Employees

The ability to work from home has quickly become one of the most sought-after benefits for employees. Each year, more people are seeking positions that offer at least a partial [email protected] schedule, with over 52% of Americans already working from home at least once a week. And when you look at international trends, 16% of …

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