Symtraining to the Rescue During the Great Resignation

It’s impossible to ignore the connection between your employees’ well-being and their motivation to make an impact within the company. There is no doubt that when your employees thrive, you thrive. So, why are so many people “quiet quitting” or leaving their positions altogether? Is it really that people don’t want to work?

The Impact of Individualized Practice

What Is Individualized Practice? Individualized practice refers to customized plans for self-paced learning. Sometimes it incorporates human-to-human coaching. However, it usually works along a virtual training curriculum to support trainers and reinforce content outside the classroom. Since it is impossible for trainers to give their full attention to every agent who is in need of …

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The Training Dilemma of [email protected] Employees

The ability to work from home has quickly become one of the most sought-after benefits for employees. Each year, more people are seeking positions that offer at least a partial [email protected] schedule, with over 52% of Americans already working from home at least once a week. And when you look at international trends, 16% of …

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Performance-Based Work Requires Automation

The workforce is in transition and so are our training methods. Before Covid-19, most training took place in the classroom. However, as more agents work remotely, companies have had to adapt and find new ways to effectively train new hires.

The Benefits of an Immersive CX Training

Immersive learning is a technique that teachers have utilized for many years to help students gain a better understanding of the content and improve retention rates of what they are learning.