Driving Inside Sales through Proficiency

One client, a technology sales organization focused on generating quality sales pipeline for their clients, noticed they were experiencing an extension in the amount of time required to adequately train their sales representatives.

The three issues arising more and more amongst their new hires was a difficulty grasping complex value proposition, consistency in their scenario handling, and responding to objections. The training problems led to a massive increase in the time-to-value amongst new hires and a repeated sales dip around new hire training periods.

The solution was to give these new hires more repetition to master their delivery of the brand messaging across all campaigns in conversational manner that made each interaction unique. They implemented SymTrain, making it mandatory for each new-hire to spend four hours of practice simulations that correlated to the training topics. 

The ability to receive micro-bursts of practice across multiple campaigns in a short period of time ensure representatives maintain consistency through each of the marketing campaigns they managed.

Branching technology was crucial to the development of these reps as were able to experience an array of simple and complicated objections. Each new hire was able to move at their own pace without requiring extensive management oversight.

As a result, with SymTrain implementation ramp-up time amongst new hires is between two and three times faster. This reduction in the time-to-value allowed management to focus on strategic growth initiatives that eliminating tactical management time.

On a case-by-case example certain representatives which had been consistently missing their targets were encouraged to spend more time utilizing the simulations on the immersive platform. The sales reps that spent at least 30 minutes a week using simulations through the AI-based platform saw their sales results double.

SymTrain has become a valuable tool for this company’s sales representative’s success, allowing management to focus on overarching initiatives outside of remediation of the performance of their employees.