Ease of Cross-training Virtual Employees

When employees achieve success, they advance and transfer to different roles in the company, until they reach a point just beyond their talent or a place where they cannot adapt to the change in responsibility quickly enough to achieve the necessary success.

It is difficult to see employees that achieved noticeable success step into a role where they are over their head. They may struggle for so long that they even begin to dislike their job. It will wind up costing the company greatly as the slow learning curve takes the place of a valuable asset to the company.

If the employee could expedite cross-training while still in their prior role both the employee and the company can test the waters to see if there is a proper fit for this employee. If there is a proper fit, then the employee can go through more extensive training to make sure the learning curve in the next role is as minimal as possible.

SymTrain’s web-based platform develops each employee’s new skills and knowledge on their own time, from any location without costing them significant time “on-the-floor” while SymTrain can simulate any interaction or situation that arises for a prospect in their new role while in a controlled, safe learning environment.

The platform yields a transcribed account of each use plus a measure of conversational content and context, along with system navigation. By marking keyword usage with high potential employees in each conversation managers can assess how well the crossover employee can keep to the new task as opposed to reverting to their previous habits.

The measurement of sentiment allows employees to understand the impact of how their voice is perceived in relation to mood, enthusiasm, and positivity. Symtrain’s easily scalable platform provides companies consistency when assessing employees for promotion and eliminates guesswork as to which high potential employees will matriculate better than others.

By comparing how the cross-training candidates will handle in-role situations against the results from simulations leaders and candidates will have the unbiased intelligence to determine the fit and alignment of new roles before making changes.

The Symtrain platform allows management teams to spend more time focused on strategic initiatives and less time assessing candidates for advancement.