Selecting the High Performing Employees

When hiring a new employee, the interview process will allow hiring managers to get a feel for who the applicant is and whether their personality and traits will make for a good fit in the organization.

Whether or not the applicant will be successful in the role is more difficult to gauge, it is largely an estimate made considering the character traits and work experience of the applicant.

Face to face role play in an interview gives the applicant a level of social comfort stemming from the familiarity between interviewer and interviewee developed during the conversation.

During the in-role experience the applicant will be on their own, likely with a computer screen in front of them. Hiring manager can better gauge how the applicant will perform if they can simulate the real scenario as closely as they can while eliminate the potential for a prospect to be wasted by potentially poor execution.

This is where Symtrain steps in to give the applicant a situation as close to what they will experience daily without forcing the hiring manager to risk an interaction with a client or prospect which the applicant is not trained to handle.