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One of the most important ways that symtrain sets itself apart from the competition is through its utilization of AI coaching, powered by Coach Sym.
With this level of analysis and immediate feedback available, you can offer individualized support that was never possible, until now.
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Why Symtrain

Companies are moving away from traditional classrooms to hybrid or fully virtual training. If you hope to have a successful transition to a remote environment, performance-based training requires automation.

Symtrain Solves Problems

Symtraining achieves more than learning objectives, we develop employees’ skills and deliver better and faster results than any alternative solution.

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Symtraining Solution

Symtrain will transform your virtual training. The automated role-plays and AI coaching create more consistency in your training methods and help agents gain confidence with hands-on practice navigating the systems. The immediate feedback also makes it easier to identify areas of improvement, allowing trainers to pinpoint who needs additional support. Having a powerful digital tool like symtrain in your toolbox will help you provide more efficient coaching at scale.

The positive impact of symtraining includes:

Impact of Symtraining

The primary objective when using automated role-plays is to improve the quality of your training so agents are more confident and better prepared to perform their duties. Symtrain does this and more.

While we can teach clients to customize their own simulations to create their own resources, we also offer managed services support for those looking for more guidance.

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Customers' Results

Adding symtrain to your training curriculum is an investment with staying power and significant value. It offers an amazing return on your investment by reducing the cost and amount of time it takes to train new agents.

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Interested in improving the quality of your training? Are you wondering if symtrain can improve your business? Our company based in Alpharetta, GA can help with that. Contact us or use the form to a request free consultation.

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    “With Symtrain we quickly teach new hires how to do their jobs well and build confidence. No more on-the-job training.”

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